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Avon Water Cum Smoke Tube Boiler
The strong and compact AVON Boiler is manufactured with the Water cum Smoke Tube design that makes it doubly advantageous. It provides a water cooled furnace which is paneled to prevent heat loss. The tall shape of the furnace provides sufficient residence time for complete combustion of fines & volatiles and reduces the carry over. The vertical configuration of evaporative tubes enables better circulation of steam. A boiler quality strip provided in between the water wall tubes makes the furnace leak-proof.

Range : 1 TPH to 16 TPH (Husk / GN Shell / Saw Dust)
Pressure : 150 PSI to 450 PSI


Options :

Dual Furnace : Manual Firing cum FBC firing (CTD model) for special applications
• Over-bed AND/OR Under-bed Fuel Feeding
Fuel Feeding Arrangement :
a) Vibratory Feeder/ Screw Feeder/ Rotary Feeder
b) Eddy Current Coupling/ AC Drive/ DC Drive
• Steam Superheating
• FBC without in-bed Tube/ Coil for special applications
• Multi Cyclone Dust Collector/ Bag Filter
• Air Pre - heater AND/OR Water Pre-heater

Salient Features :
  • Very High THERMAL EFFICIENCY due to :
  • Low Combustion Air to Fuel Ratio
  • Higher Combustion Volume & Fee Board resulting in Efficient Combustion
  • Minimum Radiation Losses due to Membrane Water Wall Paneled Radiant Furnace
  • Higher Effective Heat Transfer Areas
  • Automatic Operation for consistent & uninterrupted steaming
  • Large Water Holding & Steam Space
  • Better response to fluctuating Steam Load
  • Superior Membrane Technology in Fluidised Bed Combustion
  • Minimum usage of Refractory in Furnace hence Lower
    Maintenance & Minimum leakeges
  • Instrumentation & Controls for :
    * SAFE Operation
    * EASY Operation
    * Optimal Performance
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